Funeral Information


    The death of a spouse, life partner, close family member or friend is never easy, it causes trauma and grief. Acknowledging the loved ones life, honouring their memory, supporting those who grieve and the claiming our faith in such times is vital, not only for the one we’ve lost but also for those who remain behind.

  • Here to Help

    We here at Wollongong Mission take our role in helping family members and friends through such moments as a privilege. It is a time to honour life: the life of the one who has died and the lives of the ones who will hold the memories far into the future. We welcome your enquiries – contact us

  • Consideration before Funeral

    A funeral service is a tribute and celebration of the life of a loved one. Therefore the service should reflect who that person was and what they meant to family and friends. We work with the family and funeral directors to create a funeral service that honours the life of the deceased and also seeks to support all those touched by the death. When you first start thinking about the funeral you might want to consider:

    • What needs to be included in the written Eulogy (tribute) and who will read it at the funeral (family member or close friend) – some helpful tips (how to write a Eulogy).

    • An appropriate Bible reading, one that was important for the deceased, to the family etc – we can help with the selection. You may find the attached

    Funeral Bible readings list helpful.

    • Is there a special poem or a verse you may like included within the service?

    • Would you like a photo to be placed at the entry to the church?

    • Photo presentation (on screen with music backing) – 3 to 5 minutes long.

    • Special music you may like played at the service.

    We will discuss these and other hopes and needs when we meet to prepare for the service.

  • Grief Support

    Grief is one of the most powerful emotions we will experience in life, while we offer support in your time of grief, some may need specialised professional help. The following link may be helpful:

    Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement – some helpful resources and information

    Please note that if you are not sure what to do and require urgent counselling, call Lifeline (ph. 13 11 14)

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