Wesley Community Centre



    In 1980 Wollongong Uniting Church began a significant service activity designed to deal with obvious needs within the community. Officially named the UCA - Wollongong Mission Benevolent Service it is more widely known as Wesley Community Centre.

    Centrally located in Court Lane Wollongong, right behind The Church on the Mall, the Wesley Community Centre is readily accessible by those who need it.

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  • What Service do we Offer?

    What Service do we Offer?

    The primary function of Wesley Community Care is the provision of lunch to between 80 and 100 people each week day – people from throughout the Illawarra who, for whatever reason, are unable to feed themselves. In addition to lunch, morning tea is served each morning from 11:00am and there is a session of board games and card games on Tuesday mornings from 10:00am. Food parcels are provided to those in need, as well as blankets and clothing when they are available.

    The Co-ordinator of the Community Centre, Karen Zaini, apart from her obvious skills in managing the Community Centre, Karen has a diploma in counselling and is able to provide professional referral to other bodies as appropriate.

    When circumstances allow it, we also provide basic skills training to our clients, eg., how to write a letter, how to work in a kitchen.

    Those who use Wesley Community Centre include people who are unemployed, homeless, single parents, those who have become substance dependent, lonely and those who have fallen on hard times for a variety of reasons. Each is treated with dignity and we attempt to meet the needs of each one or to refer them to some other organisation or government agency to meet their needs.

    Wesley Community Centre receives minimal financial assistance from State or Federal government but has established links with various other agencies, such as Centrelink and LifeLine, allowing specific needs to be met more efficiently.

  • Opening Hours

    The Community Centre is open each week day between 11:00am (10:00am on Tuesdays) and 1:00pm, firstly for morning tea (Tuesday to Friday) and then for lunch. Often friendships are formed over the lunch table and many of our clients look upon our lunchroom as a safe haven where they can meet friends without having to justify their presence. Everybody is welcome although good behavioural compliance is expected.

  • How are we supported?

    How are we supported?

    The food prepared and served each week day comes from a number of commercial businesses, shops and restaurants. Members of the congregation of UCA - Wollongong Mission and other Uniting Church congregations also provide gifts of tinned, dried or long-life food also members of the general public provide food resources, for which we are particularly grateful.

    We could not operate without financial assistance and are heavily dependent upon financial donations, both from companies and from individuals. Perhaps you or your organisation would like to contribute, either by providing resources or by providing funds? Contact Community Care by telephone on 02 4229 2117 
    (and select 2 on the voice menu) to speak to the Co-ordinator, Karen Zaini. Gifts of food may be delivered directly to the Community Centre premises in Court Lane.

    Cash donations can be made directly to the Church Office during operating hours. Cheques made payable to UCA - Wollongong Mission Benevolent Service may be posted to PO Box 244, Wollongong 2520. If you wish to make an electronic funds transfer the account details are as follows BSB: 634 634 Account number: 100 031 140 email remittance, name and address details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to facilitate a receipt. All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

  • Can I be a volunteer?

    The Co-ordinator, Karen Zaini, is assisted each day by a small army of volunteers who prepare and serve the meals and provide care to our clients.

    Perhaps you could be a volunteer? We recruit many of our volunteers from Volunteering Illawarra and you can certainly approach us through that organisation. Or you can contact Community Centre directly by telephone on 02 4229 2117 
    (and select 2 on the voice menu)and speak to Karen. It would probably also be a good idea to arrange with Karen to visit the lunchroom on a week day and familiarise yourself with the operation.

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